Monday, August 31, 2009

Time to blog!

We are all moved in and ready to blog!
That's right! Brent and I will be getting back into blogging mode this September! We took a little 2 month break from the blogging world to get all moved into our new home (well and moved out of the old one) but we will be back to our regular blog-tastic selves now.
The boys have grown up so much over the summer. Ollie is crawling and pulling himself up on everything and eats tons of table foods. His favorite meals are mac and cheese and pancakes which just so happen to be his big brother's favorites too! Thank you Ollie for not making me a short order chef! One meal at a time to cook is so much easier than catering to every one's separate demands!
Thomas loves the new place. He likes to go on bike rides around the lake across the street from us. Today we played in the backyard and visited the park. Thomas also has made some new friends and loves to play with our neighbors and share a popsicles with them outside. July and August have been kind of cold for summer so we never got to go swimming. But we are hoping September will be warmer.
We have BIG plans for this September. This weekend kicks off the start of the Hawkeye football season. To prepare we bought Ollie his first Hawkeye tee shirt and stocked up on tailgating foods. Auntie Melissa turns 20 this Friday!!! Happy Birthday Melissa! And at the end of the month on the 30th Noah turns 1!!! Lots of big things going on this month. Also, very soon we will be making a trip to Wilson's Apple Orchard for our annual apple picking and pie making date with Lindsay! Can't wait to take Ollie for the first time. And in between all of this we will hopefully squeeze in some end of season golf outings! Got to get those in before snow comes!

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