Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photos Photos Photos!

IMG_2181.jpg picture by hawkeyeglaser

All dressed up with no where to go! Thomas loved showing off his new vest and hat that we got at the outlet store!


Hands down one of the BEST pictures of Thomas I have ever taken! I actually took it on accident and was trying to get one of him coming down the slide! He has the most beautiful smile that is just like his dad's smile!


This is the boys new favorite lunch--ravioli!!! I just buy a big bag of it frozen and then make my own sauce. Oliver gobbled it up!


Thomas lately has been requesting to eat out of his star wars cup and bowl. He wanted star wars ravioli!


Here the boys are swinging on the swing set which we play almost every day.


Oliver has been refusing to sit in the baby seat lately and wants to swing like his brother. What happened to my baby boy???


Giving his brother a little boost!


Swimming in the pool. They thought it would be funny to throw the chair in too.


Thomas showing off how he rides the swing like a horse.


Play ball! Thomas has been teaching Ollie how to use the t-ball set.


This picture depicts every day life in the Schenk house! The boys thought it was funny to stick their butts up in the air at me on the couch and played this game for a good 1/2 hour giggling at me the whole time!


Enjoying some jello jigglers for the 4th of July!


Ollie wouldn't even stop eating them to smile at the camera. He just wanted me to get him more jello!


Being a total ham for the camera!


Oliver enjoyed using his new float. He likes to go in "boat rides" in it.


How lucky is he here? We all went swimming at the hotel the weekend of 4th of July and Oliver got everyone to push him around the pool.


Oliver and Grandpa Todd had a blast playing catch in the pool!


You wouldn't know it but this is AFTER their bedtime. They were wide awake after the fireworks we saw.


We went to the 4th of July parade in Coralville. The boys loved the cool flags they got.


Oliver loved his flag and all the cool trucks and cars that came by. I think it really spurred an interest in cars and trains for him because ever since then he carries little hot wheels cars and Thomas the trains with him everywhere.


This is our favorite rainy day activity in our house. Thomas will play Mario Kart or Lego Star Wars on the Wii and Oliver will "play" with him.


Here he is playing with Thomas. He thought he was driving the car I think! :-)

Summer Fun!


The boys last day of daycare, notice that Oliver is choosing NOT to look at the camera.

IMG_3239.jpg picture by hawkeyeglaser

When did he grow up so much? It seems like overnight Thomas has grown up!


Oliver loves brownies ALMOST as much as his mom does. I can't imagine how he learned how to eat brownies like that! ;-)


The whole gang cooling down with some popsicles.


Thomas and Laina playing the sprinkler. We will really miss Laina. Thomas adores her! But thankfully we will still get to see her at church.


And this is Lola the puppy. If you ask Oliver where Lola is he will bark like her and get really excited. He loves dogs!


Oliver dumping water in and out of the pool.


Swimming in the kiddie pool.


Enjoying some yummy cake at a birthday party!


Laina and Thomas enjoying some birthday cake! Looks like it was good!

July Update

These summer days have been so much fun for our family. The boys love exploring in the backyard and playing with the neighborhood kids. So crazy how fast July has flown by for us!

July has been a month of change in our house you could say. Brent and I decided that the time was right for me to stay at home with the boys during the day from now on. So last week the boys enjoyed their first week back with us. Monday we baked cookies. Only baking day ended up being a little fun because I didn't realize we were out of eggs. I found a replacement for eggs but my chocolate chip cookies ended up tasting like banana chocolate chip cookies. Still quite delicious to eat though! Tuesday we visited the library and new splash pad on the south side of Iowa City. The boys had so much fun with Cooper and CJ. We even had a little picnic lunch outside. Wednesday we did a little shopping at the outlet mall and then on Thursday we enjoyed our first kids movie at the theater here. For 2.75 each we get free popcorn and a kids movie showing in the morning. That week they showed Diary of A Wimpy Kid. Thomas thought the stinky cheese in the movie was very funny and Oliver enjoyed sneaking popcorn when I wasn't looking.

We also are very happy to report that Doug is back from China! He has been visiting us this summer. Last Friday we went to a stock car race in Cedar Rapids with him. Thomas and Oliver loved how noisy the cars were and liked the tricks the best. We have had lots of fun with Grandpa Doug. The boys love wrestling and goofing off with Grandpa but especially love for him to read books to them. Oliver calls him "dada" since he can't say the "g" sound very well.

August is looking to be like a very fun month for us as well. We have plans to visit Reid and Jessie in Chicago and Tiger and Logan will be flying in from China in August too! The boys are taking a vacation to Grandma Kim and Grandpa Todd's in August as well. This will be Oliver's first real trip away from mom and dad. He has stayed overnight before with family but this his first year getting to visit Grandma and Grandpa for a week. When he gets back Thomas will get to start preschool in the fall. He will be going to the community preschool 3 days a week part time. He is very excited to go to school and make friends.