Friday, October 30, 2009

Little Pirates

They are all set to steal your candy loot tomorrow night. Be on the look out for these 2 hooligans. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We carved and painted the pumpkins tonight. The boys helped me paint the little pumpkins and Brent carved the big pumpkins. We lit them up outside and they look pretty cool from the street with their candles in them. We are all set for Saturday then. I also picked up some funky glow sticks for a dollar at Walmart and a pumpkin flashlight. Should make for some fun little treats for the kids.

Thomas can't wait to trick or treat, he has been asking to go every night now for over a week. He keeps changing his mind on what he wants to dress up as. He has a couple costumes to pick from, so Saturday he will surprise us with what he wants to be. Oliver is going to be a little lion. He has been practicing his roars and is a very ferocious but cute lion. As it so happens, he is also teething so this little lion bites too. :)

Children's Place $5.99 SALE!

The store has a lot of sales going on this week! With the home game and Halloween coming up its going to be a busy weekend I am sure!

Today all sale items from fall went to $5.99. And the Halloween costumes are also included in that. Some of the Halloween accessories are under $5.99 as well!
The outerwear is back on sale! The winter coats, ski overalls, and snow pant sets are 30% again.
And select Dressy holiday items are on sale for 25% off. A couple of items were added to that sale today.

And don't forget to use your Place Cash or coupon mailer if you still have yours! They both end at the end of the month.

LOTS of things going on that you can check out at your local Children's Place. Definitely for a limited time so get there and check it out! Call before heading out to check to see if your store is participating. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Need a laugh?

Visit . They have pictures of kids doing funny and hilarious things. Totally worth checking out!

My personal favorite has to be this one:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Every bargain hunter's dream: more steals!

Hooray for more daily deal websites! Brent already shared with everyone but now there is also which is a spin off of my personal favorite: . Kid steals offers kids and toddler deals and baby steals offer baby deals. These are great places to check for baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, and christmas gifts with the holidays approaching. You can bet I will be browsing for some last minute Christmas deals. Happy Deal Finding!

Upside-Down Peach Cake

I tried this recipe for the first time and it was so yummy. I have to share it with you to try!

A recipe for peach upside down cake made with a white cake mix.

Prep Time: 15 min
Cook Time: 1 hour

1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup brown sugar, packed
1 can peach slices, (29 ounce can)
maraschino cherries, halved
2 eggs
1 box white cake mix

Pour oil in 13x9x2-inch pan; sprinkle brown sugar evenly in pan. Drain peaches, reserving syrup in a large measuring cup. Arrange peaches and cherry halves in the sugar mixture, I used a bundt pan and made a ring of peaches. Add enough water to peach juice to make 1 1/3 cups of liquid; add liquid and 2 eggs to cake mix. Mix as directed on the package. Pour batter over the fruit. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 60-70 minutes or until cake pulls away from sides of pan. Let stand 5 minutes then turn upside down onto a cake dish or large platter. I recommend placing a pizza pan or baking sheet with edges covered in foil underneath where you would like the cake because it can be messy when you flip the cake. Serve warm with peach or vanilla ice cream.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

October so far has been very busy. Last weekend we had our first "snow" in Iowa, which for us was a light trace of snow and meant that the heat go turned on for the first time. Brent was pretty thrilled because that meant no more seasonal allergies with the temperature dipping below freezing.

This weekend, Kim and Todd came to visit us to celebrate Brent's 25th Birthday! He is a quarter of a century old and (hopefully) a year wiser. Brent isn't much of cake guy so I made him a peach cake. It was pretty good and I think I might have to post the recipe to share.
We also visited the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. The boys had fun feeding the animals and playing on the play equipment and fall rides there. Oliver loved the tractor ride and Thomas loved playing in their corn box. The corn box is like a sand box but with corn feed. We got our pumpkins and enjoyed some of Bloomsbury Farms specialty hot apple cider. Hopefully we get to paint and carve the pumpkins this week. They look pretty cute on the front porch right now. We got 5 this year. We normally only do 1 per person but Thomas decided he wanted two little pumpkins this year.

Today, I enjoyed a day off from work and we went and saw the movie Where the Wild Things Are. Thomas loved having popcorn and water as a treat and was cracking up at parts in the movie. The ending was super cute and I noticed myself tearing up at parts. There were lots of good lessons and most importantly Thomas loved seeing his favorite book as a movie. Afterwards we made a quick trip to the children's museum and checked out their new Take Flight exhibit. The kids love the parachute jump and the flight simulator there. Its more of a big kid exhibit but Thomas and Oliver both enjoy that room and we could easily spend a couple hours in there if there was enough hours in a day.

After picking out our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch:

All giggles and fun:

In the corn box:

Partners in crime for life:

I'm a ghost here, but I am even more scary when I wake up in the morning. My vampire husband and scarecrow and Frankenstein children will tell you that for sure...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wendy's Halloween Coupon Book for $1

Stop by any participating Wendy's through October 31 and purchase Frosty Trick or Treat gift books for only $1. Proceeds benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.
The booklet contains coupons for 5 FREE Jr. Frostys and all benefits go to help children find adoptive families in the United States. Support a good cause and treat yourself today!