Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Family Photo!

Check out these great family photos my sister took of us. Not perfect, but I have never been able to get both kids to look at the camera anyway! Thanks Melissa! You're the best!

Monday, June 29, 2009

1 month until moving day!

Well it is officially 1 month until we move! Anyone else nervous? I know I am.

We do have a good head start on all of the packing. Our basement is about emptied and the office and playroom have been nearly cleared out to storage. So far we have filled up almost 2 entire storage units. I think we officially know we have too much junk.

Brent and I went to the new place this last Thursday to take down some measurements. No idea how to decorate the place yet but getting excited that we will finally be out of the downtown area. Looking forward to it despite all the trouble moving will be.

Things only a parent would really know...

Hand sanitizer is important. Especially when your child wants to touch everything--including dead bugs and animals.
Sticky fingers usually mean something else that is not supposed to be sticky IS.
The person who said babies should cry it out has it all wrong--mom is the one who wants to be alone and cry.
White clothing should never really have ever been invented.
Children think bathrooms are a communal place.
Playdoh is really hard to get out of carpet.
You don't even probably know it, but there is probably playdoh in your hair too.
If there isn't playdoh in your hair, something else is.
Dirt is going to happen. So is sand, dust, and everything else that is dirty. And your mother will notice it when she comes to visit no matter how many times you vacuum.
Getting to the grocery store can become quite the marathon.
Diapers and formula are expensive. So is anything related to baby.
Somewhere in your house, there is a lego on the floor.
Your workout will look something like this: chasing after your kids (cardio), picking up toys (squats), putting together puzzles and train tracks (mental), carrying your baby around (strength building), and getting your child to nap (endurance).
Spills will happen most of the time. Most of the time is usually when its something that won't come out.
Children might be God's work, but they are still work.
The only thing that can prevent a diaper blow out is no diaper. And even that makes a blowout sound better.
One of the first word's a child knows how to say is no.
Somewhere out there, someone else's child is sleeping while your child is not.
Your kitchen floor is probably covered in stepped on cheerios and goldfish.
Your two kitchen staples are probably ketchup and ranch. Your children love ketchup and your husband probably loves ranch.
You really wish someone would event a parenting tool belt with everything you need for the day. You also wish it would be in fashion.
Midday naps are the sweetest when everyone naps.
Kisses make everything better.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ollie is 6 months old today!

This was Ollie the day he was born. What a change! Ollie has gotten to be such a BIG boy! Today he is 6 months old. Time is just flying by and he is growing up so fast. His favorite people are his daddy and Thomas, although he loves mommy too.

At 6 months old he:

  • Can scoot backwards and in circles
  • Is able to sit up unsupported
  • Loves to touch his toes
  • Is a yeller, he loves to screech and squeal at the top of his lungs in a very high pitch
  • Smiles when a familiar face walks in the room
  • Wears size 12-18 month and 18-24 month size clothing
  • He wears size 3 huggies diapers but only because I am trying to use up the big box we have--he should be in a size 4!
  • Is very long and lean, but his thighs are chubby chubby chubby!
  • Has size 3 feet but never wears shoes or socks
  • Hates the bottle and refuses to take a pacifier
  • Cries when someone leaves the room
  • Loves to eat baby food and has ate rice cereal, carrots, bananas, peas, and applesauce
  • Has one front bottom tooth in and the other front bottom tooth is almost there
  • Loves his jumperoo and likes to "stand" with help
  • Enjoys peekaboo and row row your boat
  • Does not sleep through the night and mostly cosleeps
  • Puts everything in his mouth
  • Is very fussy at night and hard to sooth--he fights his sleep a lot
  • Has started to "talk" and "sing" and can say the syllables DA, DEE, and GA and GU
  • Brent also thinks he might have heard him say "Daddy" although I have not heard it and am holding out hope for his first word to be "momma" or "mommy" :-)
  • Loves to play in the grass and go for walks in the stroller
  • Has favorite toys now, the two big ones being his lion and rattle
  • Loves meeting new people and "flirting"
  • Is attached to his fleece blankie and won't sleep well without it even though its summertime
  • Wants to be held all the time and loves to cuddle

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy 22nd Birthday Lindsay and Mary!

Happy Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite ladies!!! Hope you both enjoyed the ice cream cake that Thomas picked out for you. :-)
Blowing out the candles!

Me, Lindsay, and Mary

Thomas showing off the birthday cake! 1 pink candle for each girl!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip to West Des Moines and the Zoo

Oliver at the zoo

Thomas and Logan

Oliver and Noah

Mmmmmm what does this taste like?

Monkeying around outside the monkey cage

Matching lightning bolt paint tattoos

Playing at the PBS kids area

Meeting "Duck" from Word World

Little bit of t-ball in the back yard

Thomas played "catcher"

Driving around Grandma Patty's neighbor hood

Hitting the street to look for some girls to impress in their hot ride :-)

Ollie playing in the grass

Logan just loved the car, I think he wants one for in China now!

Kicking back

Playing dress up

Mary got in on the fun

The Chinese have that Irish spirit too!

What is a fun night without karaoke?

Lets get funky!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh what a week!!

Hard to believe how fast this last week went by. Reid and Jessie got married on Friday and had a BEAUTIFUL wedding. All the family was there and there was never a free moment. It was great to see everyone, Brent and the boys and I all had a great time.
On the last weekend of May, Brent's family came back from China and we took Tiger and Logan to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. They had a special PBS Kids Day event going on, and the boys enjoyed doing a bunch of activities. Then we headed back here for a couple days. We didn't get any golfing in, due to thunderstorms, but instead took the kids to the Children's Museum on Tuesday.
On Wednesday I headed back for the big wedding weekend. Grandma Patty was gracious enough to help out with some baby sitting. On Thursday we had the rehearsal dinner and met up with all the out of towners. We were really excited to see everyone. We hadn't seen a lot of people in a long time and Oliver met a lot of family for the first time. I wish we had more time to spend with everyone. It was a lot of fun and I hope we will all of the chance to get together like that sometime again.
Friday was the big day. Brent and Thomas were in the wedding so we were up early in the morning getting ready. Jessie looked gorgeous in her dress and Reid looked pretty handsome too. We were able to avoid most of the meltdowns by Thomas but had a few close calls. But we made it through with out any scars or battle wounds. That is the critical part when it comes to small children and weddings--that no one gets hurt. Just kidding of course!
The reception was great. Thomas enjoyed hanging out with uncle "George" Jordan and dancing with the flower girls. I think he really enjoyed the cake though the most . All the sugar and dancing had everyone tired, so it was off to bed. And honestly, my children have never slept so well. It was the absolutely best sleep I have had in a long time! Alleluia!
Saturday we enjoyed brunch with the newly wed couple and the family. Thomas ate way to many lemon bars and went swimming. We took it easy and enjoyed some burgers and watched the Red Wings smoke the the Penguins in a 5-0 win before going to bed. And then by Sunday it was time to pack everything up and go home. We got back into Iowa City and went to see the movie Up with Doug, Tiger, and Logan before saying our good byes. Thomas was pretty bummed to see his pal Logan go, but I know there will be more visits. Hopefully sooner than later!
Today is a lazy day of laundry and catch up around here. I hope to get all of my pictures posted on here soon though. Should be some good ones to share!