Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seven Straight Penn St is No. 8

Earlier this year, Brent wasn't sure which Hawkeye game to go to this year. Today, I think he knows he picked the right game. Every year Brent has an annual boys trip and this year he picked Iowa @ Penn State to go to. Not just because it was furthest game from home (where his wife and kids would be), but because it also was a night game.

The trip began late Thursday, September 24th, of 2009. Something was stirring in the air and a man by the name of Jordan Kappos stopped at our door to show off a bright yellow sign. A short 6 hours later these men would wake to start their journey. A few good men and their homemade sign were starting their voyage to State College, PA to cheer on the mighty Iowa Hawkeyes.

Well as luck would have it, this game was going to be big, very big. Going into the game Penn State was ranked at #5 and Iowa was not ranked. Iowa was unfavored by 10 points and didn't face good odds. Last year in 2008, Iowa smashed Penn State's chances at a national title by defeating them at Kinnick Stadium. Penn State was looking for revenge this year. ESPN's Game Day knew this was a big game. Saturday morning bright and early all the media and Penn State fans gathered in Happy Valley.

But so were some very special Hawkeye fanatics who were brave enough to cheer in the rain and wind. Weekend warriors that tailgate and follow the Hawkeyes wherever they play--rain, snow, or shine. This is what college football is about folks. And that the Iowa Hawkeyes won the game, well that only sweetens the ending and makes the whole trip priceless.

Final Score: Iowa 21, Penn State 10

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  1. we love our college football around here too. And Chris always gets 1 game a year too, usually the first one because he can't handle waiting. lol. congrats on your victory