Sunday, August 29, 2010

Snip snip chop chop!

Or really I should say buzz buzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzrroooommmm. I say that because I tried my hands out as a professional stylist and barber today. I cut the boys hair for the first time. Don't worry, no cute boys were harmed in the process. I even bribed them with suckers so they actually made out quite well from their terrifying experience with me and the clippers today. Thomas really needed a hair cut because he starts preschool tomorrow and his hair was looking kind of shaggy with a little "turkey" of hair sticking of in the back as we call it. Can't have that going on in the many pictures I am sure to take tomorrow! I did not WANT to cut Oliver's hair since he is my baby and I loved his long soft hair but it was getting pretty hard to manage. I am still adjusting to his big boy hair cut but I am sure my scars will heal quickly. He seems to like it and I think we will have less crazy hair days around here because of it.

Here are the before pictures:

And after:

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