Friday, January 27, 2012

Proof I am actually working on my New Years Goals!

Today I did some grocery shopping. Being the awesome mother that I am I even did it with a cranky 3 year old and a 7 month old who has recently decided she doesn't need a morning nap. Using my super amazing powers as a mother, I got all of us out the door and managed not to forget our grocery list. I *may* have bribed Oliver by telling him he could have a sucker if he would be my helper. However, in our house we call that an incentive.

Our goal today was to work on goal #1--feed the kids. I went to the store to buy our weekly groceries and lots of fresh produce and healthy alternatives for us to eat. Our meal plan for the week included several kid-friendly meals with healthy options. Here is our meal plan for the next week:

Friday-- Stir Fry (Happy Chinese New Year by the way!)
Saturday-- Tacos
Sunday-- Homemade Pizza from scratch
Monday-- Pasta with tomato basil and beef sauce
Tuesday-- Crockpot Salsa Chicken
Wednesday-- Church Dinner Night (mommy doesn't cook--YES!!!!!)
Thursday-- Mac & Cheese and Veggies

The next goal was to organize our refrigerator with healthy eating and young children in mind. I filled small containers with fresh fruit and cheese for little hands to have easy access to. I also made sure their favorite yogurts were right in front. Most importantly, I keep water bottles for each of my boys on the top shelf. When I am busy with the baby and they need a glass of water they can grab it themselves. A wonderful lactation consultant from Iowa City gave me this perfect little tidbit of advice and really it is genius! The other thing I did was make the top shelf a place for leftovers. We never seem to grab them unless they are the first thing we see. Knowing this, I put all of our leftovers and extras from this week on the top shelf. Hopefully this will cut down on food waste in our house.
So there you have it--I am actually working on our goals for 2012! And now you have proof of all of my hard work!


  1. Love it! My goal this year is also healthier eating, cooking more, and saving money doing it! And we're on our way to being debt free, already got one CC paid off, and our goal is to have them all paid off and the car paid off too! Here's to 2012! Miss you all!

    1. We miss you guys too! I don't know how it is in Idaho, but in Iowa organic and healthy produce options can be hard to come by at a good price! I have found that using coupons, meal planning and shopping around help quite a bit though. Congrats on paying off your CC! I am sure you guys will be debt free in no time. Keep it up!