Thursday, July 26, 2012

Target Toy Clearance 2012

Every year we watch for great deals on toys during the month of July at Target. Target does a major toy clearance to make room for new product and at the very end of the month usually has items up to 70% off. We take advantage of this sale to buy Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. We keep an eye out for items we know our nephew, our kids, and our kids friends would enjoy. We also buy for charity to give around Christmas time.

We have been checking our store every week when we run our errands for good deals. Already this month we managed to find a TAG reader world map for 50% off as well as some adorable super hero Little People sets for $3.74 each. This is in addition to two giant LEGOS sets we found at 50% off.

Our store does markdowns Wednesday night do I headed to our store as early as my kids would let me out the door. This year was not as spectacular as years in the past but there was still plenty of great deals. I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice variety of toys this year.

Today our Target had lots of Thomas the Train, Cars 2, Sesame Street, My Little Pony, Disney princess and fairies, LEGOS, Trio sets, Super Mario, Fisher-Price toys, and Dora the Explorer items. There was also plenty if outdoor summer toys and Target brand toys available to chose from.

The best part is looking at my receipt and seeing how for so little I can give to children. We get really excited about that!

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