Monday, December 16, 2013


There is something about this month that just pushes my buttons and challenges me. It is not just the holidays. My middle child Oliver celebrates his birthday every December. Between that and all of the mushy gushy Hallmark, Cheerio and Coca Cola commercials my emotions are running wild. There is just not enough tissues to go around folks.

This year Oliver turned five. For some reason five is just hard. It pops up and feels like a big surprise.

Let me tell you about why 5 is wonderful. Five is:

  • Painting
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Legos Legos Legos
  • Snuggling in PJs
  • Reading Dr. Seuss and Curious George
  • Learning your alphabet
  • Writing your name
  • Building forts
  • Being fascinated by bubbles and fireworks
  • Singing songs
  • Love of animals and nature
  • Cheesy knock knock jokes
  • Laughter over silly things

Five isn't easy either. Five is also:

  • Not sharing with your sister
  • Or your brother
  • Wardrobe battles
  • Stubbornness
  • Temper tantrums over the.smallest.thing.ever
  • Not uh. Uh huh. Not uh. Uh huh...
  • Insisting on using the ninja turtles plate
  • One more drink of water
  • I don't want to

Five is being newly independent and wanting to do it all.
However, they still sometimes hold your hand. Sometimes they even admit they want your help. Best of all, they still think you are the cooler than any superhero and better than any toy all the money in the world can buy. Most of the time.

When they turn five they are almost ready for kindergarten and suddenly it feels like they will be off to their first prom. Then you blink and they are off to college or to their first job. Sounds dramatic but that is how five feels. Nothing slows them down. All you want is for time to stand still.

We celebrated Oliver's birthday early this year. We had a little sledding party with a lot of fun.

We had little mugs of hot cocoa and chocolates and marshmallows and candy canes for goodie bags. All the kids took one home to warm up after our fun in the snow.

I made simple little hot cocoa cupcakes. They turned out great, and of course I dropped a full tray of them on the floor. Twice actually. About two hours before the party. Good thing I made extras. Also, it was good that no one was home when this happened. Mommy was not happy. I *possibly* let out some words that shall not be written in this blog.

We decorated with little paper snowflakes that the kids made earlier in the week. It was our fun craft for the week. Making snowflakes with three kids means not a single one is alike.

The kids decorated cookies and had hot cocoa in-between sledding runs. There were lots of sprinkles on my floor. There probably are some still there actually.

Everyone went home. I caught my breath finally. After all the cake and presents and after all of our fun I realized he was going to be 5.

I just want five to stay. I want it to last a little longer. My kids sometimes frustrate me and leave me exhausted. I love them though no matter what.

If there is anything I want to remember about five it is all simple & fun things we do. Fun is not elaborate. It doesn't cost a bunch of money. It is simple moments where we just spend time together. Usually at home together.

I want more of that for five.

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  1. You have a beautiful family, filled with love, sunshine and warmth. So proud you are my daughter. You and Brent are amazing parents. And, those cupcakes were amazing too!! I love you