Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh what a week!!

Hard to believe how fast this last week went by. Reid and Jessie got married on Friday and had a BEAUTIFUL wedding. All the family was there and there was never a free moment. It was great to see everyone, Brent and the boys and I all had a great time.
On the last weekend of May, Brent's family came back from China and we took Tiger and Logan to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. They had a special PBS Kids Day event going on, and the boys enjoyed doing a bunch of activities. Then we headed back here for a couple days. We didn't get any golfing in, due to thunderstorms, but instead took the kids to the Children's Museum on Tuesday.
On Wednesday I headed back for the big wedding weekend. Grandma Patty was gracious enough to help out with some baby sitting. On Thursday we had the rehearsal dinner and met up with all the out of towners. We were really excited to see everyone. We hadn't seen a lot of people in a long time and Oliver met a lot of family for the first time. I wish we had more time to spend with everyone. It was a lot of fun and I hope we will all of the chance to get together like that sometime again.
Friday was the big day. Brent and Thomas were in the wedding so we were up early in the morning getting ready. Jessie looked gorgeous in her dress and Reid looked pretty handsome too. We were able to avoid most of the meltdowns by Thomas but had a few close calls. But we made it through with out any scars or battle wounds. That is the critical part when it comes to small children and weddings--that no one gets hurt. Just kidding of course!
The reception was great. Thomas enjoyed hanging out with uncle "George" Jordan and dancing with the flower girls. I think he really enjoyed the cake though the most . All the sugar and dancing had everyone tired, so it was off to bed. And honestly, my children have never slept so well. It was the absolutely best sleep I have had in a long time! Alleluia!
Saturday we enjoyed brunch with the newly wed couple and the family. Thomas ate way to many lemon bars and went swimming. We took it easy and enjoyed some burgers and watched the Red Wings smoke the the Penguins in a 5-0 win before going to bed. And then by Sunday it was time to pack everything up and go home. We got back into Iowa City and went to see the movie Up with Doug, Tiger, and Logan before saying our good byes. Thomas was pretty bummed to see his pal Logan go, but I know there will be more visits. Hopefully sooner than later!
Today is a lazy day of laundry and catch up around here. I hope to get all of my pictures posted on here soon though. Should be some good ones to share!

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