Monday, June 29, 2009

Things only a parent would really know...

Hand sanitizer is important. Especially when your child wants to touch everything--including dead bugs and animals.
Sticky fingers usually mean something else that is not supposed to be sticky IS.
The person who said babies should cry it out has it all wrong--mom is the one who wants to be alone and cry.
White clothing should never really have ever been invented.
Children think bathrooms are a communal place.
Playdoh is really hard to get out of carpet.
You don't even probably know it, but there is probably playdoh in your hair too.
If there isn't playdoh in your hair, something else is.
Dirt is going to happen. So is sand, dust, and everything else that is dirty. And your mother will notice it when she comes to visit no matter how many times you vacuum.
Getting to the grocery store can become quite the marathon.
Diapers and formula are expensive. So is anything related to baby.
Somewhere in your house, there is a lego on the floor.
Your workout will look something like this: chasing after your kids (cardio), picking up toys (squats), putting together puzzles and train tracks (mental), carrying your baby around (strength building), and getting your child to nap (endurance).
Spills will happen most of the time. Most of the time is usually when its something that won't come out.
Children might be God's work, but they are still work.
The only thing that can prevent a diaper blow out is no diaper. And even that makes a blowout sound better.
One of the first word's a child knows how to say is no.
Somewhere out there, someone else's child is sleeping while your child is not.
Your kitchen floor is probably covered in stepped on cheerios and goldfish.
Your two kitchen staples are probably ketchup and ranch. Your children love ketchup and your husband probably loves ranch.
You really wish someone would event a parenting tool belt with everything you need for the day. You also wish it would be in fashion.
Midday naps are the sweetest when everyone naps.
Kisses make everything better.

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