Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We carved and painted the pumpkins tonight. The boys helped me paint the little pumpkins and Brent carved the big pumpkins. We lit them up outside and they look pretty cool from the street with their candles in them. We are all set for Saturday then. I also picked up some funky glow sticks for a dollar at Walmart and a pumpkin flashlight. Should make for some fun little treats for the kids.

Thomas can't wait to trick or treat, he has been asking to go every night now for over a week. He keeps changing his mind on what he wants to dress up as. He has a couple costumes to pick from, so Saturday he will surprise us with what he wants to be. Oliver is going to be a little lion. He has been practicing his roars and is a very ferocious but cute lion. As it so happens, he is also teething so this little lion bites too. :)

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