Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Things were just crazy around the house today. There is something about being stuck inside due to rain that must make small children go wild. Thomas and Ollie were both up early. For breakfast, Thomas wasn't interested in the usual so what did we eat...watermelons and yogurt of course. Healthy yes, but definitely not our usual breakfast menu items. We then pulled a switcheroo and and ate pancakes for lunch. Why not right? After being cooped up all day who doesn't want buttermilk pancakes for lunch? Ollie was funny, he was really eyeing his brother's pancakes. He is getting better at eating rice cereal but not quite ready for anything else yet. Soon he will be big enough to eat some though. Even today he was being such a big boy. He and Thomas played on the floor and "rolled" a ball back and forth. Ollie loves playing with Thomas. I'm not sure if Thomas is ready to share his toys yet but I hope so, Ollie is now his new competition in the house!

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