Friday, March 21, 2014

Overcoming Mountains

There is something really magical about mountains. Their size alone makes them impressive. They stand formidable, strong, and unyielding. Time has tested them and there they still stand. Their peaks tower above earth pointing to the blue skies and knocking on heaven's gates.

Mountains stand still, in silent praise of God.

Ascend a mountain and dwell in their presence and you will find yourself entirely lost in God's creation.  Only you are not lost but at peace, fully aware of everything surrounding you.

The path up the mountain is never easy. The climb challenges us and pushes us. Before the climb we were fearless conquerors. After a while we reach a point where our mind and body are tested. Every step higher weakens our resolve. Our foundation doesn't always feel secure with small pebbles under our feet.

Still, given the choice to turn back or carry on we hold our heads high and resolve to continue our quest. Our journey to the top must carry on.

You feel like giving up a thousand times over. Yet, when you reach the top you find yourself free. Elated and completely frozen if even for a brief moment.  You are fully aware of where you stand now and where only brief moments before you stood. Joy spills out. So much that you can't understand it all. Emotions run wild like the wind.

Mountains offer us a life changing perspective. Climbing mountains gives us clarity because life gives us a few mountains of our own.

Sometimes we get stuck on a mountain. We want so much to overcome struggles in life but gravity pulls us down. Dreams seem impossible and the hurts of life hold us captive. Illness, loss, grief and pain are real challenges. It can feel as if we are never going to make it to the top. We sometimes get caught in that rhythm of one step forward,  two steps back.

Somehow though we keep going. We persevere.  We carry on like warriors. The climb is not easy but when we look back things look different. The mountain doesn't change, we change.

No one wants to face trials in life. I would never wish for anyone to climb a mountain big or small. Where there is suffering, there is not peace. We all need peace. But I do know that even the scariest, meanest, most intimidating mountain can be defeated. I know that when we fight on and carry on like warriors we do finally reach the top. The mountain will stand, but we are now the victors. We can overcome.

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