Wednesday, March 25, 2009

April is less than a week away!

It's hard to believe March is almost over! Thomas is officially enrolled in a soccer class that starts April 1st. It's his first soccer class and its at the local rec center. The class is designed for preschoolers between the ages of 3-5 and goes through the end of month. Thomas got a "soccer outfit" for his birthday this month and wants to wear it to his first class. Here he is in his cool threads.

Oliver's baptism is set to be Easter weekend. Its going to be so great to get the family all together for Easter and celebrate. Thomas is very excited for the Easter bunny to visit too. He found the Easter eggs I picked up from Hobby Lobby that were 3/$1 and got really excited. He wanted to play with them but I had to take them away (mean mommy!) so they wouldn't get broken. We told Thomas that he would have to leave them out for the Easter bunny to fill with treats. We warned him though that he is really sneaky and would hide them from him because he's a trickster. The plan is after our Easter egg hunt we will head to church together and have Oliver's baptism. After the baptism we will have brunch together.

For the boys baskets they are each getting a swim and beach themed basket. Both needed new swimsuits and summer outfits so that will go in their baskets along with some bath toys and beach toys. I am still looking for the "right" baskets. I would like to get some bright large beach pails that they can use this summer. Since we will be moving into a place just a block from the city pool I imagine they would come in handy. Plus if we head to Myrtle Beach condo this summer the boys would love using them there!
Oh and April 25th is our wedding anniversary. If things don't get too busy around here mom and dad might try to attempt a night out at our favorite restaurant where Brent proposed! Can't believe we have known each other for 7 years!

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