Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Splashing in the rain!

Today Thomas and I went on a rain walk. It was rainy outside until about 5 PM so when it finally started to slow down he and I got on our rain boots and jackets and stomped in some puddles. It was very muddy so we had more than our fair share of mud splashes on mom's jeans but it was worth it. Thomas learned that the rain helps the grass and flowers grow and that it can't rain without a rain cloud. He is really starting to take quite an interest in science--I think he will follow in his dad's footsteps and be an engineer!

Thomas also baked cookies with Lindsay. He helped roll them out and decorate them with sprinkles. We used cutouts to make bunnies, flowers, and Easter eggs. I think my kitchen floors ended up with more sprinkles than the cookies but at least the cookies were yummy!

Oliver is getting bigger every day. He hasn't rolled over yet but he is getting so close. He had his first "big boy" bath in the tub with Thomas. Thomas squirted him with a bath toy and he thought it was hilarious. He's like his brother though and doesn't like getting his hair washed. My boys like dirt in the hair, what can I say!

Brent and I have decided to do a pantry challenge and eat only from our pantry every night for the rest of the month. The rules are to only eat foods that are nonperishable and still keep it as healthy as possible. The only exceptions are milk, eggs, butter, etc.--necessities we have to buy every week anyway. If it goes well we are going to do it for the month of April as well! Tonight we ate tomato basil pasta and managed to get Thomas to eat a couple veggies too.

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