Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

This weekend (or week rather) has been so crazy! We are wrapping up spring break week at our house and Thomas is in the middle of potty training while Oliver is teething! Brent and I are VERY tired. And I could really use a coffee, or two, or three right about now. Everything has been great though!

The weather was awesome this week. Brent and Thomas got a chance to play ball outside and for St. Patrick's Day Brent and I enjoyed a nice walk around downtown with Oliver in the Stroller. Grandma Patty took Thomas for 5 days so it was a little bit of downtime for us. But we missed Thomas too much and made her bring him back ASAP so we could enjoy all the nice weather spring has given us this week!

We think after being at grandma's house Thomas is almost fully potty trained. He still goes during nap and bedtime sometimes but he has been great about going potty. We still have to figure out how to handle his fear of regular toilets so we can take him out to places without a diaper on but that will be a future battle for us I suspect. But YAY for Thomas potty training so fast! Brent and I had been holding it off for fear of what would happen to our carpets and sofas but all is going well so far with only 1 accident in his new underpants. We actually headed to Target tonight to get a big wheeler for Thomas now that he is a "big boy" but they were sold out. Probably due to all the wonderful weather. But Thomas is excited and knows he will be getting a bike soon.

Oliver just turned 3 months on Wednesday and is growing super fast. He is almost in the 6-9 months size completely and has outgrown most of his 3-6 month outfits. I think he might outgrow Thomas at this rate, and Thomas is TALL! However, teething is really upsetting him I suspect because he is very fussy and drooling all over the place. Its finally time to break out the bibs because some days he nearly soaks himself. He is also close to rolling over from back to front. But he still hates tummy time so once he does finally flip over I suspect he won't do it again! :-)

I am 1/2 way through my last full semester and happy to say that things are going well despite very little sleep. I'm not getting perfect grades but I'm settling for almost perfect at this point. It's going to be great to be finished this July. Hopefully the job market looks better and I can possibly find something part time. Otherwise, I will stay at home with the boys and love every minute of it!

Brent and I also just signed a lease. The place is closer to Brent's work and right by a pool and library in an AWESOME family neighborhood. There is a walk path and pond right across the street so we might invest in a good set of bikes or jogging stroller to use every night as a family. It's going to be great to be away from downtown and have a big yard at last, not to mention no more noisy ambulances passing by since their won't be a hospital anymore!

In the next couple of months we have lots of plans. We have 3 weddings to attend to in the next 3 months so its going to be fun watching friends and family get married! Plus, we have Easter coming up and might be doing Oliver's baptism then since it will likely be the best weekend to do that with all the event's in May and June keeping us occupied. And....April 25th is our 1st Anniversary so love is definitely in the air this spring! And then at the end of July we are moving so the craziness will start all up again!

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