Monday, March 23, 2009

Not a bad Monday!

Today we were lucky to enjoy a beautiful spring day. This morning it was raining and looked pretty yucky outside but my the afternoon it had warmed up and the yard was dry enough for Thomas to play soccer with his dad and take a quick bike ride around the block in his trike. No big wheeler yet, but we think its definitely time to get a new one because Thomas is too big for his old one.

The tulips and daffodils are starting to pop up. I think they will bloom maybe around Easter weekend. I will have to try and get photos of that when they start showing all of their colors. Surprisingly, my lack of a green thumb has not caused them to die on us yet. I will have to remember to plant them in the new place next fall since they are plants that even I can't kill! Even the pesky little rabbits we have under our shed haven't eaten them all up. Shocking right?

Potty training is still going great. Thomas still has only had 1 accident since last Friday. It seems to have taken just one time for him to figure it out, knock on wood. He is super excited for his new big boy bike! Once Target has it in stock again we will make a family trip and go get it. It will be quite a big event! We also are considering enrolling him in a preschool age soccer class. He LOVES soccer! Daddy would rather he LOVE hockey just as much, but hey the kid has time to change his mind right? :-)

Even better, the cherry on top of the iced cake was that the stock market jumped 500 points today! YAY! We made money for the first time in months in our 401Ks. Now lets all hope it lasts and that this is good news for our weak economy. Doubtful, but I'm trying to be optimistic!

Anyways, going to do today's crossword puzzle and watch Jay Leno with Brent. Monday night is headlines!

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