Monday, May 25, 2009

Chicago Day 1 and Navy Pier Photos

Looking at the trains, cars, and planes

Watching the plane come over

Ollie's funny face


Love his beautiful blue eyes

At the Chicago Children's Museum

Playing in the water complex

Playing with his boat

Two girls were nice enough to show him how to make the water come up, he really liked that

He wants one in the back yard now I think

Getting the boats to come down the "waterfall"

Grandma Patty treated him to CHOCOLATE ice cream even though he was wearing a WHITE tee shirt

The Windy Chicago "Pirate Ship"

Me and my boys on the Windy

Grandma Patty gave Thomas a tour of the upper deck

Thomas loved the canon they shot out at the end

Beautiful Shot of Chicago from Lake Michigan

Navy Pier

Navy Pier again

Navy Pier Light House

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