Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday Night TV

Well last night was Monday night and for our family that means House and 24.  After getting the Chinese take out and ready to eat we sat down to what was a great episode of House.  I know most of us House viewers have just been silently waiting for the moment when House and Kuddy finally decide to get together but the end of the episode was just that.  Hopefully that doctor can stop himself from popping anymore of those pain pills.

After that it was on to 24 where Jack Bauer once again is saving innocent American lives while being misunderstood by everyone around him due to his controversial methods.  I can't say I'm disappointed with this season as it has certainly been exciting.  What I'm waiting for is the explanation as to how he is going to survive this season since he has a bio weapon pathogen in him that has no treatment or cure yet I know they are filming or have already filmed the next season.  My guess is that he takes the experimental treatment he has already turned down to pursue a vendetta against Tony Almeida.  We'll just have to watch and see as there aren't too many episodes left in this season.

On another good note, I just saw Friday Night Lights (I'm a fan, trying to get Jessica to watch it as well) was renewed for two more seasons.  I was worried about that show as I know its so good, yet it has never gathered a huge following.  I'm not sure if Friday night just isn't a good time slot for a show, as people are usually out and about on those nights, or if it's misunderstood as a sports show rather than the drama that it actually is.  Either way I'm excited for two more seasons of that.  I know Thomas enjoys the football scenes in that show.

As long as the Red Wings remain in the race for the Stanley Cup we'll have enough hockey to keep us busy as well.  We're all rooting for Wings here in Iowa and it isn't too hard to find others just like us.

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