Friday, May 1, 2009

Catch-up Friday!

Yup, I have not wrote on here in a few days! (Bad blogger, you know better!!!) So to catch everyone up, this week has been super busy for me. Classes are winding down (hooray!) and my senior project of 40 pages is *almost* done. Which basically means I am taking a break from editting that to post this!

Oliver has been such a big boy this week! On Wednesday we tried letting him sit up by himself to find that he can sit up on his own for up to 5 minutes! He had been sitting in his Bumbo but now doesn't need it. During Oliver's nap on Wednesday Thomas and I did some crafts. Thomas painted and made the cutest "fishies" art work. He is pretty proud of himself!!!

On Thursday we bought him a jumperoo from ToysRUs and he loves it. I wish I had taped his reaction--it was priceless. He instantly started babbling and bouncing around. He got mad at me today when I tried to take him out of it. He definitely likes being mobile and seeing everything around him. On a funny note, he is having some mommy attachment issues. He is rejecting the bottle and will cry when I leave the room. Breaks my heart! But its pretty funny that if I leave the room he will cry and then if I poke my head back in the room he will giggle and get excited.

Today the boys and I had lunch out with Mary and Lindsay at Hamburg Inn. Thomas was excited to have pancakes for lunch. Tonight we also watched the Red Wings win in game 1 against the Ducks. I was a little worried the Wings were not going to pull it off when the game tied up at 2-2 but finally we scored in the 3rd. I hope that we just had a slow start and can pull the next one off easier. GO RED WINGS!
Hanging out in the stroller at the ICM

Showing off his artwork

The infamous train table

Sitting up all by himself!

Love those blue eyes! He is trying to get me here!

Reaction to his jumperoo, just look at that grin!

Bouncing baby boy!

Me and Ollie! (The bib is just for you grandma Patty and Kim!)

Hockey night! Ollie our future goalie was learning some tricks.

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  1. that's so awesome about him sitting up. Grayson wants to so bad but just can't balance.