Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Update!

It seems as though with all the nice weather I have been skipping out on blogging! But have no worries, the next couple days are supposed to be rainy around here!

To play a quick game of catch up, the last week has been pretty laid back around here. I wrapped up my finals on the 14th and celebrated by getting my hair cut that weekend. I decided not only to indulge and get some highlights but also to go a little retro and get bangs!!! A pretty brave choice for me but I love it so far.

To make up for my "me" moment I spent the entire week with my boys. I think we went to the park almost every day. One day we went 3 times, I think we need some new activities. At least my legs are getting toned up for summer skirts and shorts! We also went to Chicago with Grandpa Patty.

But no trip out of the house would be complete without a little bit of drama. Wednesday would have been a perfectly ordinary day, but Thomas had other plans for me. To start the day Thomas had an accident during the middle of what should have been his nap. Let me tell you....a 3 year old + no pull up during nap = potential for disaster. What resulted lets just say was I had to clean up poop all the way from his bedroom down the hallway to the bathroom when he ran to try to make it to the toilet. I am not sure who is more scarred, me or my floors. Well that wasn't enough excitement so of course we happened to run out of wipes right before dinner. I thought I had some stockpiled but I couldn't find them. So I needed to make dinner FAST and I decided to make grilled cheese, only to find out the bread was moldy. Well I hadn't bought groceries this week since we were leaving town for 3 days. I mean why bother? The food would sit there while we were gone. So I had to get 2 cranky kids loaded up in the car to go get us dinner and wipes. Ollie was crying and Thomas was throwing a fit because he wanted to go to the park. It would have been lovely to have a "sub" at this point. Every mom should have a stand in mom. Well we get some fast food which is a rare thing in our house. But Thomas decided he doesn't "like" his food. I make him eat 3 bites (how awful!!) before he can have his apples. Well he ate it fine, he just wanted the apples. (**WARNING: stop reading now if you have a weak stomach**) We finally get to Target and Thomas threw up ALL OVER, on purpose I imagine. And by all over I mean everywhere--the car seat, carpet, himself, back of the seat. And what does he do, he tried to catch it with his hands and he no joke hands it to me to take. Yuck yuck yuck. So there I am, just standing there in amazement, and I don't even have wipes to clean it up with. OMG I about died. I stripped him down (the person parked next to us I am sure was standing there trying not to laugh at this point) and grabbed a random outfit from the back (Thank goodness I had even that) and ran into the store with 2 cranky boys (one of which was also very smelly) to grab stupid wipes and now a towel to clean up the mess. I bathed Thomas and somehow managed to get him not to smell (a feat right there!) but the car on the other hand is kind of smelly. Thank goodness I have developed a sudden aversion to driving. However, car cleaning services in the Corridor area are happy to take my business at this point. What a stimulus for the economy my 2 children can be!

However, apart from my *wonderful Wednesday* evening, the week was great. On Thursday we visited Navy Pier in Chicago. We visited the Chicago Children's Museum which is FREE 5 PM-8 PM and sponsored by Kraft Foods. Thomas loved the water play feature they had. We also went on a sunset boat cruise on Lake Michigan. Thomas loved it when they shot a canon off the "pirate" ship. Ollie even enjoyed the boat ride. He loved watching the waves across the lake. Then on Friday we went swimming at the hotel and to the Brookfield Zoo outside of Chicago. I have to say that the Brookfield Zoo was really cool. We enjoyed seeing seals, dolphins, bears, lions, snakes, and even a life-size dinosaur! They had a fantastic Dinosaur exhibit that was so realistic. I only wish it was open later in the evening, we would have stayed much longer! We were sad to come home but we got to see Grandma Kim who was on her way back from Detroit.

I will have lots of pictures to share soon, be watching for them!

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  1. It sounds like Wednesdays just aren't good days for you all!! I laughed so hard at Thomas' antics - I can just see Thomas trying to hand "it" to you :-) Can't wait to see you all next week and meet Oliver for the first time!!!