Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's official--Oliver is my dare devil child!

Oliver had his second trip to the hospital last night. Poor little guy had to get stitches. He was chasing his big brother and hit his head on the metal bed frame in the bedroom. Fortunately it wasn't too serious but it did require some stitches. The doctors were so good to him, his surgeon even tried to get him to laugh and sang him a song. His nurse stayed with us the whole time and talked to him about cars and Elmo, she really helped me keep him calm. I am so thankful for Mercy Iowa City's medical staff. They took such great care of my little baby boy. I can't thank them enough!

Today Oliver is back to his normal, usual self. He is running around and being goofy again. I think we might just have to bubble wrap everything though so he doesn't have a repeat experience. I guess I better start saving up for all those future ER trips from my little dare devil!

Here is my tough little guy:
IMG_0001.jpg picture by hawkeyeglaser

Thank you Lord for taking care of my baby boy last night and please continue to bless him with a super quick recovery.

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