Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oliver's 4 month check up!

Oliver had his 4 month check up and is OFF THE CHARTS! I knew he was a big boy but 100th percentile for height and 18 lbs is crazy! The doctor said he is growing more and more with each visit. He was 100th percentile in height, 98th in weight, and 97% in head circumference. He also had his shots (poor baby) but is being a champ and holding up well. Our doctor said we are good to go on starting him on solids, so in the next couple of weeks we will maybe test out rice cereal and see how it goes. She was also impressed to find out he can sit up for extended periods on his own and is able to scoot around the floor. She commented on his stuffy nose and said its likely due to allergies as well as a flattened bridge in his nose from childbirth that makes him more sensitive to allergens. Usually kids outgrow it after 12 months so we will keep an eye on it. Although it is likely both boys will have seasonal allergies like Brent and I do since it runs in our family history.

After the check up we visited the Iowa Children's Museum at the Coralville Mall. Thomas had a blast and Oliver was happy to nap after his visit to the clinic. We even were able to sneak in some Whitey's ice cream which was a real treat. When Brent got home the boys went golfing and Oliver and mommy hung out at the house and enjoyed some alone time. Oliver wanted to play and we discovered he will blow bubbles back at you. He really likes to mimic us right now. Every day I just cannot believe how much he grows. He is not a baby baby anymore. I miss it terribly! I think I need to just accept already that I can't keep either of my boys little forever. They grow up too fast.

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  1. I saw your other post about the childrens museum - it looks like so much fun! I wish I could go.