Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Savings and Blessings All Around

Well by Brent's last post you should all be able to tell that I love to shop because he "lets" me go shop with the girls so he can have time with the guys. How smart of him to know my weaknesses, a good bargain hunter is always happy to shop! Especially when they can get a great deal!

Speaking of good deals...there is a really good one we got this week. Target has a special on pepsi products for buy 5 for $15, get a $5 gift card. Well if you drink pop anything like we do you need to do this. What we did was go buy 5, get the gift card; Buy another five and get another gift card; Use the 2 $5 gift cards plus a $5 gift card we already had to get 5 more 12 packs for free! YAY! And we should be set on pop for a couple months! :-)

Also, tonight was Junior Achievement Fundraiser Night at Texas Road House, one of our favorite restaurants in the Corridor area. Our friend Lindsay (love her!!) gave us a coupon for a free blooming onion and 10% of the proceeds of our purchase at TRH go to Junior Achievement. So we enjoyed a nice dinner out as a family after cooking in all week. Brent and I both enjoyed a nice steak (Yum!) and Thomas had the old standby of mac and cheese, although Brent did try to talk him into a cheeseburger! Actually though, I think Thomas ate more peanuts and rolls than anything else!!!!! You can tell by the picture how much he loves those rolls. Dinner was great and the boys behaved themselves perfectly as little boys rarely do. Towards the end of the dinner a woman came up to us and handed us a coupon for $5 off. The coupon expired tonight and she didn't want it to go to waste. We felt pretty lucky, or blessed really, to be so fortunate. Maybe I ought to go buy a lottery ticket but judging by how great this evening was I would say God really blessed us with a wonderful night out. This reminded us that random acts of kindness really make the world a better place. Brent and I discussed how we can make the world a better place by simply living through random acts of kindness like this stranger did to us.

This week, I will be making an effort to think how we can do better things by just changing our lives with simple adjustments. Look at the end of my posts this upcoming week to see what I have done differently that day. I'm going to give this one a lot of thought!

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