Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just another day with my boys!

The last two days have been super busy around here. Yesterday Lindsay and Thomas built a fort and we did some baking during the day. After dinner we headed out to the park since the weather was nice. Brent and Thomas played some ball and Oliver took a little cat nap in the stroller. It is so nice to be able to go to the park these days. Lets just say Thomas has been a better napper lately--all the extra winter energy has finally been released!

Oliver is teething and we can definitely see two little teeth peeking out. It seems like he might be working on the other teeth too. This had made for some pretty fussy days and nights. I hope we are done soon. Poor baby! And poor mommy, she needs a good nights sleep. :-)

Today Thomas had his last soccer class. It was pretty neat, all the kids got to wear jerseys and play a game of 3-on-3. We have officially decided Thomas will make a good goalie someday because he kept using his hands! The whole class was funny though, all the kids lined up at the goal at one point on both sides to "protect" their goals. And the ball was all alone by itself in the middle! I guess that happens with 3-5 year old kids!

Tomorrow Lindsay and I are going to a concert at the IMU. I will have lots of pictures I am sure. I can't wait!

Very Proud of his "certificate"
Kicking the ball

Before "kick off"
Doing warm up sprints


Oliver was happy to be at his brother's soccer class

Sticking his tongue out--he does this a lot lately!

Bundled up from the park and wide-eyed after a good nap

Playing on the swings at the park

Taking a cat nap

My boys
Oliver and Mommy

Hiding in his cool fort that Lindsay helped him make

A cool tummy time shot I got of him--look at those cheeks!

A future Detroit Red Wing! Celebrating the Playoff Hockey Season!

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  1. great pictures. I keep thinking grayson may be teething but I really just think he has an attitude problem.