Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good looking start to the week

Thomas got a new spiffy hair cut today. It was getting pretty wild so I took him to the local barber shop. He was very good but got a little wiggly at the end like all children do after sitting still for long enough. The barber gave him a balloon and when we got home it kept Thomas really entertained. Oliver also got to wear his first pair of baby legs. I never heard of these with Thomas until Thomas was well past the crawling age but these are so cool. They cover the baby's knees and legs to keep them from getting all scratchy during tummy time or crawling.

In continuation of last week's blog I have been working on my random acts of kindness. Yesterday (Monday) I helped a friend prepare for a test. She didn't understand a couple of things and I did really well in it last year so I spent 15 minutes after our class explaining some key terms. Today I tried to compliment everyone I ran across. I also tried to be extra patient while driving and running errands. I had to do some grocery shopping and my pleasant attitude seemed to carry over to everyone I ran across. Being patient helped me to slow down and enjoy life. I had a better day because of it. It's simple, but I think it made my day and hopefully someone else's as well. Off to bed now, soccer class is tomorrow.

Thomas helping Oliver enjoy tummy time

I was told to get in the picture too! :-)

Oliver and his froggy baby legs!

The new hair cut

Yay for balloons!

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  1. I love the froggy baby legs! they look so cute! and his onesie too. great pics!