Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring is in the air...

Today we were blessed enough to enjoy some nice weather. While walking around downtown today I noticed lots of spring daffodils and tulips in full bloom. Ours are getting close to being ready to bloom too. Hopefully they won't over the weekend while we are away.

Thomas had his soccer class and enjoyed getting rid of some extra energy. He even got to play in the gym they have there before so he really ran around all over the place! When we got home both boys took very long naps at the same time. I admit it was pretty great--they had yet to do that! And when Brent got home they played outside together. Thomas got to ride his big wheeler. All I can say was that was probably the best investment we have made in a toy in a LONG time. Thomas can't get enough of it. He never wants to come back inside the house after playing with it! He did go to sleep pretty well tonight. I read him some bible stories about Easter. It was a first for us to talk about how Jesus died. He seems to really understand it for how young he is. He kept wanting to call the people who nailed Jesus to the cross "bad guys" though. I don't think he understands cops weren't around then!

We also did some spring cleaning around the house in preparation for our big move this summer. Brent rented out a storage unit and we cleaned his office. I'm not actually sure it had been cleaned really well since we moved in. I can only remember washing the floors down a handful of times since its just his room! Its pretty clean now but it took some hard work. Next on my to do list is my kitchen. Hopefully I will have a chance to get to it by next week.

For my random act of kindness today I was pretty spent but I made an effort to smile to everyone today. I started up conversation with people I passed by and said hello to people. In a city like this rarely does a stranger say hello and I think some were slightly confused by my greetings but for the most part I got lots of hellos and smiles back. Again, simple things--but still things that make the day seem more bright all around.

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  1. will you come clean my house next? pleeeaassee?