Thursday, April 9, 2009

Countdown to Earth Day

Today was a good day at the house. Oliver slept through the night last night (YAY!) and we were all very rested this morning. Thomas and I practiced our new soccer moves from yesterday's soccer class and almost broke a lamp (oops!) so we had to put the ball away. I can't wait for warmer weather. Then we can play outside without getting muddy since there will be grass again!

When we came inside I had Thomas help me recycle. I would wash out our pop cans and he would put them in the box. In the past we have been horrible about recycling but this year I am trying to make our lives more "green." I already switched to a baking soda based cleaners and Clorox Green Works cleaners. This weeks project has been recycling all of our jars, newspapers, and plastics. We recycled for the first time on Tuesday and had an entire tub of items when the recycling truck came by! And as a bonus our trash can was less full and we didn't use tons of garbage bags this week. My random act of kindness was to mother earth today--I'm so thankful of what we have and I learned that being green doesn't have to be something I skip out on just because we have small kids. My kids CAN help me be a good steward and I can teach them how important it is to invest in our future.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Northwest Iowa for Easter weekend and Oliver's baptism. Also, Saturday Kim and I will head to Jessie's bridal shower. I can't wait to see her! My soon to be sister in law is amazing and I wish we could all live closer to each other. We would have more card nights! Also exciting is that we will get to see Rachel and Mike this weekend. It will be great to get our friends and family together this Sunday. And Sunday night is the final game of the Detroit Red Wings regular season. So you can bet we will be enjoying some special Easter weekend hockey too! I will share pictures when we get back!

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