Monday, April 20, 2009

Milestones, Popcorn Night, & Earth Week

On Sunday Oliver turned 4 months old! I can't believe how big he has gotten. Today he rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time and then did it again! He is trying to scoot and crawl these days and can sit on his own for up to 10 seconds unsupported. I think we may have a mobile baby on our hands by July or sooner! Crazy! He sees his pediatrician next on Friday and we will get to see how much he has grown. I expect he has definitely doubled his birth weight by now.

Tonight we had our weekly popcorn TV night while watching 24. It was another good episode of 24. Tony has definitely turned bad and it looks like in the next episode Jack will be well on his way to get his revenge! And we learned that Jack's daughter Kim has a baby girl now--which makes Jack a grandpa. In the clip the baby is named Terri after Jack's former wife who died. And she looks like Jack! Cheesy cheesy cheesy--but oh so cute!

And don't forget earth week is this week, it officially kicked off yesterday. To celebrate all week we are going to minimize our driving and hopefully plant some flowers in our pots if the weather looks like it will stay warm. And we are still recycling (a big step for us--YAY!) and using green cleaning products.

Me with Oliver
Sporting a baseball cap--he will fit it in a few years!

4 month old picture!

Just for fun! He is trying to scoot to his toy here, he wants to eat it and is so focused!

So big!

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  1. great pictures. thanks for sharing. at least he enjoys tummy time. I can't distract grayson long enough for him to realize that he really won't die.