Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My kids a better soccer player than yours!

[Insert nana nana boo boo]

I'm just kidding of course. If it were only true!!! Thomas had soccer class today and showed up in a bad mood. I should have known all was lost when he decided he would rather go play on the jungle gym outside than go to his soccer class but oh well. After 20 minutes of soccer class he was ready to be done so we left early to head home for a nap. Poor guy--he loves soccer! But we both needed him to take that nap.

After nap we had some homemade pizza bagels, one of Thomas' favorite new meals. Then Thomas got to head outside to draw with his new 3D chalk with Lindsay. The chalk is really cool actually! It comes with 3D glasses and you can make your own 3D pictures. Thomas thought it was funny actually! Silly boy.

And in other news Oliver rolled over again today!!! From his tummy to back. He hates tummy time so it actually suprises me that it didn't happen sooner but his reaction both times was cute! He was pretty proud of himself! He also can grab at objects now instead of batting at them. His favorites are his Eric Carle teethers and his blanket lovey. He is growing up too fast.

Oliver with his favorite lovey

Tummy time

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