Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday!

Last night was mom's night out with the girls so I'm sorry for no post yesterday! Lindsay and I visited Graze to use a new gift certificate we picked up from Dinner was amazing--LOVE those chicken lips!!! Plus we got to have some only girls time!

But to update you, we have been very busy enjoying the wonderful spring weather outside. Yesterday we ventured out to the park where Thomas ran all over the place. Really he did, he was doing sprints back and forth across the field. Thomas also played with his new "friend." There is a 5 year old boy that loves to play catch with Thomas and Brent. He lives right next to the park by the local school and is always playing outside there. He kept asking Thomas why he was running everywhere! It was pretty funny!

Today was nice too. The temp hit 70 degrees!!! Brent and I had a nice "date" after Brent got off work. We went to a local bar and had a drink together. Thank you Lindsay for staying an hour later to let us have adult time! We then took the boys to the ped mall downtown after dinner and visited the jungle gym. We must have been in a very good mood too because after that we treated ourselves to some Dairy Queen.

As for the big weekend plans we plan to do some spring cleaning around the house (the cleaning never really ends these days!) and have a movie night. If it doesn't get too rainy we will try to take another trip to the park.

Thank you God for such a beautiful Friday and start to the weekend!

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