Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!!!

Happy April Fools Day!

We were full of tricks and jokes today at our house. I had 3 very good tricks today, pretty good for a rookie prankster!

My first trick was I saran wrapped the toilet last night before going to be bed. When Brent woke up he was surprised to see plastic over the toilet. Almost got him on that one!

For trick number 2, I emailed Brent and posted on facebook that we were pregnant with baby #3!!! My status said: "#3!!! THINK PINK! We are done after this!!!" to make it more believable. I included a positive pregnancy test and a photo of me and the boys together holding the stick. I drew with red marker on it to fool everyone! The best part was that I fooled a LOT of people this way. Lindsay came over and freaked out when she saw the positive pregnancy test! It took her about 10 minutes to figure it out. My mom found out through other people, which made it even better. She started telling family before calling me to make sure it was true. I had her pretty worried! And Brent, I emailed him at work. He went along with it for a while before he started getting excited and wanted to tell his coworkers so I had to tell him the truth! Pretty funny! And hopefully I won't be so unlucky for my karma to get me back for that one!!!!

For my final trick I had photoshopped a drivers license suspension notice for Brent! On this one I got him good. It said he had lost his license immediately pending a court date for a recent seatbelt violation he had. He opened it up after work and sat still at the couch without saying a word. Serves him right for not wearing his seatbelt!!!

Photo of the opened letter.

Brent's worried face looking at the letter.

Getting my boys in on the act!


Photo I found online of a pregnancy test on a carpet that looks like ours!!!

What I used to photoshop my fake notice!

Page 1 of explanation...I tried to leave clues so I didn't photoshop out this one and used a fake drivers license number.

Page 2

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