Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Update!

Well its been a little bit since I last posted. I had a midterm Thursday night and that kept me pretty busy. Friday, Lindsay took Thomas to the mall and treated him to some snacks and a visit to Build-a-Bear. Thomas made his very own bear, who he decided to name "Bear." Very original! Friday night Grandma Patty came to town to babysit so we could attend the Crall wedding. The wedding was beautiful and the colors were a spring green and chocolate brown. Emily looked amazing in her dress and Kevin didn't look to bad either! It was nice to have an evening out without the kids to catch a break.

Saturday was lounge around the house day for us. At least for 1/2 of the day. We also made an attempt to catch up on laundry although we are still doing that today. It never ends!!! I also went and got the rest of the boy's easter basket items. Target had some beach pails on sale for $2.99 and I bought some Starburst jelly beans--our favorite Easter treat--for the Easter egg hunt.

Here are some pictures we took this weekend. Hope you enjoy!

Partners in Crime

Emily and Kevin Crall with Brent and I

After bathtime in their coordinating tees

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  1. I love their coordinating tees. They look so handsome!